Rabbit Vaccinations

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Rabbit Calicivirus - A deadly threat - Dangerous new strain

New Vaccination Protocol

Young rabbits
Initial course: 4 weeks of age, 8 weeks of age and 12 weeks of age
If 10 weeks of age or older: Now and 2-4 weeks later
Re-vaccination: Every 6 months

Adult rabbits
If NOT vaccinated in the last 6 months: Now and 2-4 weeks later
If vaccinated in the last 6 months: 6 months after the previous vaccination
Re-vaccination: Every 6 months

Every 6 months

Rabbit Calicivirus kills infected rabbits

There is no treatment, only prevention.
Some councils in the Sydney area deliberately release Rabbit Calicivirus to try to reduce the numbers of feral rabbits.
This means that all rabbits are at risk, including pet rabbits. Vaccination is essential.

Dangerous new strain in NSW

There is a new strain of Rabbit Calicivirus in some areas of NSW called RHDV2.
RHDV2 is more virulent than previous strains, and can cause death in younger rabbits (as young as four weeks of age), as well as in some vaccinated adult rabbits.

What is the best way to protect my rabbit?

Vaccination is essential to protect pet rabbits against all forms of Rabbit Calicivirus.
The new vaccination protocol (above) has been developed to give rabbits the best protection possible.
Vaccinations must be given when required, without any delays or gaps.
If your rabbit has not been vaccinated in the last 6 months, vaccination is essential now.

Please make sure your pet rabbit is up-to-date with a Rabbit Calicivirus vaccination every 6 months to ensure protection against this deadly disease.


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