Heartworm is a parasite that is spread by mosquitoes, so you dog doesn't even need to be in contact with other pets to become infected.

Heartworm has a complicated life cycle. For heartworms to be infective, they must spend part of their life cycle in a mosquito. Then a single bite from a carrier mosquito can infect your dog. As the worms mature in the heart they can cause a physical blockage, as well as thickening of the heart and blood vessels. Heartowm infection may eventually lead to signs of heart failure (e.g. reluctance to exercise, lethargy, coughing) and even death. Heartworm is present throughout most of Australia (except in Tasmania and in desert areas).

Thankfully, heartworm is easy to prevent and should form part of your pet health care routine.

We have very effective preventative treatment options available, including

  • An injection given once a year (Proheart-SR)
  • Spot-on treatments
  • Tablets and chews

If your pet hasn't been on heartworm prevention, we strongly recommend a heartworm test prior to starting a prevention program.

Please call us to discuss the best heartworm prevention for your pet.