20% discount for dental cleaning in August *

August is Pet Dental Health MonthToothbrush in dog's mouth

During August, all vets are raising awareness of dental and oral disease.
We’re recommending action to examine, prevent and if necessary treat dental and oral disease.
Pet Dental Health Month is supported by the Australian Veterinarian Association (AVA).

Gum disease

Dental and oral disease includes gum disease (periodontitis).
Gum disease is the most common disease in dogs and cats.
Over 80% of dogs and 70% of cats have gum disease by 3 years of age.
It’s caused by accumulated material (plaque and calculus) and bacteria on the teeth.
Pets can suffer pain, discomfort and a range of other clinical problems, which can go undetected for years.
The more common signs are:
High rate of dental disease in dogs and cats

  • bad breath
  • inflamed gums
  • poor appetite or picky eating
  • broken teeth

Also, there can be infections other areas of the body, including in the kidney, heart and liver.

Annual dental check-ups

Annual dental check-ups and ongoing dental care are essential to help prevent and treat these problems.
We don’t want our pets to be in any pain or discomfort.

Have a dental check-up and clean for your pet at a 20% discount in August.
Make an appointment on 9639 1200.

* Please note: If tooth extractions are required, these will cost extra, depending on the type of tooth.


Warning for Baulkham Hills residents

Fireworks Display on Friday 25 August 2017

There will be a fireworks display from 8pm on 25 August 2017, at Baulkham Hills High School, 419A Windsor Road.

It will be loud. It will last for about 10 minutes.

When there are fireworks or loud thunderstorms, unfortunately some animals can (1) become injured trying to escape, or (2) successfully escape and then be involved in accidents, or (3) they may stray and become lost.

If your dog or other animal is frightened of the noise of fireworks, please make sure that they are kept in a safe and escape-proof area.


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